Monday, November 22, 2010

Podcast News: Perhaps I Should Have Mentioned …

That my good friend, Tim Corrimal (@timcorrimal on Twitter), asked me to co-host his weekly podcast, The Tim Corrimal Show, on which I’ve appeared several times since September. We record the shows most weekends and it’s usually posted on Tim’s site by late Sunday. Here’s a link to the latest show, Episode 146, which we recorded yesterday afternoon. This week’s podcast features one of my favorite Tweeters (Twitterers?), @FunkedInDaHead, also known as Shane of the Shane-O Blog, along with Ana Beatriz Cholo (@anaperiodista on Twitter) and Kenny Pick (@kenpickles on Twitter) of Turn Up the Night With Kenny Pick.

We discussed, among other things, the latest dustup over TSA airport screening procedures, the presidential aspirations of a certain half-term ex-governor of the nation’s 49th state, and the prospects for the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in the lame duck session of Congress. Tim does a great job moderating the discussion (not to mention adding to it), selecting appropriate audio clips, and editing and compiling the show; so stop by and give it a listen when you have the chance.

And thanks, once again, to Tim for the honor of co-hosting the show. Great work, my friend.

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  1. The sound is not working on this computer at the moment, so perhaps you have already covered this:

    I understand that the Chief Palin had used another catchy phrase along the lines of "Self-Defecating" in a Shakespearian twist on "Self-deprecating"...

    One of the members of the Bloggers Against the Iraq
    War has a video....

  2. Hah! No, we didn’t discuss that particular gaffe but I heard about it.