Monday, February 28, 2011

Just a Flesh Wound …

I’ve had worse.

Uh, minor head injury – putting the 2011 vehicle sticker on our rear license plate; had a little run in with the spare tire hanger on the back of our old (and I mean old!) Pathfinder. Nothing that a trip to the emergency room, a little super glue, and a quick Tetanus shot can’t fix.

But there won’t be any log blog posts this evening.

(Pictured above: Me, with ice pack, feeling sorry for myself.)

Update: Here’s a schematic of the spare tire hanger I hit my head on. That piece marked 57231 that juts out from the back – that (I think) was what did the most damage.

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  1. Ouch, Dave! Take care of yourself. We need your brain know, for experiments and stuff.

  2. Did you take that photo ?

    I hope you're feeling much better....

    Non Sequitur: my old (haha as in we met first year of college !) Terry Smith is in your general area and has an op-ed ( which I assume is syndicated ) that might interest you.

    We had a plan whereby, he was going to become a Senator and I was going to be a policy analyst/writer.

    I hope your noggin is much better and the scar isn't too frightening.