Monday, June 27, 2011

How Awesome Are the BoDeans?

This awesome. On Friday night after the New York State Senate approved a marriage equality bill that had already passed the State Assembly, I posted this brief celebratory piece which included a video of the BoDeans’ 1993 song, “Closer to Free,” a song that seemed fitting for the occasion:

Everybody wants to live

How they want to live and

Everybody wants to love

How they want to love and

Everybody wants to be

Closer to free …

After I put that up, I learned that the BoDeans have a Twitter account (@BoDeans), and so I tweeted them this message:

Dear .@BoDeans: Used your song “Closer to Free” to celebrate NY’s marriage equality vote last night. Hope you approve.

Well, it turns out not only did they re-tweet that message, but this morning they responded thusly:

@Dave_von_Ebers awesome!

No, gentlemen: You’re awesome. But I appreciate the sentiment.

So, people, feel free to run out and buy their latest CD, Indigo Dreams, when it comes out July 26. I know I will.

© 2011 David P. von Ebers. All rights reserved.


  1. I'm sooooo going to download Good Things right now.

  2. So glad to see these guys are still out there. They are among the best of the best, and this just gives further proof - as if any was needed.