Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Buon Viaggio, Mio Fratello

Brother Tom, born May 1, 1958, passed away two years ago today.

Tomorrow there’ll be sunshine

And all this darkness past …

Playing a gig at “Decades Week” at our high school, circa 1977:

And a more recently, pointing out a perfect cloud:

With My Sainted Irish Mother and various other known ne’er-do-wells a few years back:

And another song I’ll always remember him by:

I got me a ’67 Chevy, she’s low and sleek and black

Someday I’ll put her on that interstate and never look back …

See you in the land of hope and dreams, brother.


  1. Dave:

    The pain of loss and the joy of love, they do not fade.


  2. Thank you Dave for providing me with such inspiration on a beautiful Saturday morning here in Colorado. To you and your brother! Slainte!

  3. Thanks, guys. It’s been a hard couple of years.

  4. oct 6 two yrs since i lost my sister..your song choice was wonderful. thank you, you made my day less sad


  5. Tom was my friend in high school (OPRF) but we never saw each other again after school ended. I don't know why, we were best friends...

    We were in Lloyd King's band, ShadowFax (well, I had a car and no one else did so that's what got me in the band, my flute playing sucked and I could barely play the piano and with Lloyd skills, didn't need to try).

    We did many backbacking trips together, his nickname was Spiderman because when we couldn't figure out how to get up some cliff or cut, Tom would jump in front and casually climb up the obstacle and throw down a rope.

    I miss him...

    Some years back, I found a film of the band performing a song with Tom on lead. Amazing.

    Jim Prete

    Jim Prete

  6. Found the link... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rB4S3Z1gXo4