Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What’s In A Name?

Well, if you’re freshman Congressman and Tea Party favorite Joe Walsh (R-Ill), it may come back to haunt you.
Because if you’re a Republican named Joe Walsh and you’re running for reelection against a wounded Iraq War veteran named Tammy Duckworth, you just might find the real Joe Walsh – yes, that Joe Walsh – is backing your opponent.
Via John V. Moore of Windy City Watch, it turns out the 1970s icon/guitarist/occasional Eagle (although I prefer to think of him as a founding member of the James Gang) is playing a private concert on July 1st to raise money for Tammy Duckworth:
I’m the real Joe Walsh and I’m proud to back a real American success story - Tammy Duckworth. Tammy’s story, her service to our nation and her continued commitment to working families (like the one I come from!) have convinced me that she’s the right choice for Congress. Join me on July 1st when I take the stage for her campaign.
The Chicago Tribune has more, here.
Maybe I’m just a child of the ’70s (more accurately, a child of the ’60s and ’70s), but I’m please to see Joe Walsh endorse the Democrat in this race. At a time when some musicians of that era have clearly gone off the rails – cough Ted Nugent cough, cough – it’s nice to see the real Joe Walsh remembers his roots. Some conservatives may like rock ’n roll music, but rock ’n roll is anything but conservative. It’s too bad so many middle-aged white dudes who make a good living playing the music of revolution don’t get that.
Anyway, good on you, Joe Walsh.


  1. Life's been good, all right. Especially now.

  2. "Life's been good to me so far."

    Well, it's ALWAYS better than the alternative.

    A friend of mine has a DVD of the Eagles' "Hell Freezes Over" tour, a performance in Australia.

    Joe Walsh, introducting the song, says, "I got drunk once, for 20 years."--he warn't kiddin'.

    I think a huge concert with all of the sane (non-GOP) rockers, with the proceeds going to veterans would be a great fundraiser.

  3. Joe Walsh is one of the least intelligent people I have ever met. While he is quite the rocker,I would not look at this as a great endorsement for Tammy Duckworth. While I agree that she is a hero, that does not automatically make her a great politician.

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    2. I wouldn’t care to speculate about musician Joe Walsh’s relative intelligence, but I do know that a person’s intelligence isn’t necessarily directly proportional to the extent to which he (or she) agrees with me. I sure hope that’s not the standard you’re applying to Mr. Walsh.

      Also, as to whether Tammy Duckworth’s heroism would or would not make her a good politician, I note that conservatives often consider that kind of talk to be borderline treasonous. Good thing we’re not conservatives here.

      [I had to delete this comment and re-post to correct typos. So brains aren’t my strong suit today, either.]