Saturday, September 29, 2012

What. He. Said.

And now, a word from my friend, colleague and law school classmate, Stuart Rappaport (originally posted on Facebook; reprinted with permission):
Why am I so intensely partisan and keep on posting pro Obama anti Rommunist stuff? (to the annoyance of most of my facebook friends) It’s because I am a human being, not a goldfish, and my memory goes back more than a few moments. I don’t detest conservatives, nor do I detest the conservative philosophy, but I detest hypocrisy.
Now, there is plenty of hypocrisy and euphemistic double talk to go around on all sides of this, but truly one side wins the hypocrisy war in a landslide.
Your modern Republican party owned Congress and the White House from 2000 to 2006 and turned a budget surplus into a deficit, and put in place the reasons we are still running huge deficits today. You are damned right I am blaming Bush, and I am blaming the Democratic minority of those years for not having the cajones to stand up to him. These were the years that the Washington brain trust started two wars without paying for them, gave us budget busting tax cuts that somehow failed to create millions of new jobs (let’s do it again – not) and doubled down on the “regulation is bad, let Wall Street run free” nonsense that Clinton let slide. Because I am not a goldfish, I remember this stuff. The results were predictable, and we saw them in the fall of 2008 when Wall Street crashed our economy.
After losing the 2008 election, a responsible Republican party (look up “oxymoron”) would have been part of the solution. But rather than get in the room and do the real work of governing, they set out on a course of obstructionism more intense than we’ve ever seen. Is this fact or just my opinion? Count the number of filibusters over Obama’s first three years and compare that number to what Bush had in eight. Everything the Obama administration did was faced with a fierce storm of opposition – even things that Republicans had previously agreed with.
Here is a news flash – our government – any government – must tax, spend and regulate. We can have legitimate differences about the extent. That’s where sane conservatives can and should be part of the solution. As the Obama administration tried to get us out of this mess, the Republicans sat on the sideline jeering, screaming (even in the halls of Congress – no lie) and spreading nonsense. Clutching their little talking point sheets emailed to them by the Koch brothers, these nattering nabobs of negativism showed up on Fox News daily to screech about how responsible attempts to clean up this mess proved that Obama was a socialist.
Everyone knows that the best way to deal with a bully is to find a way to beat his ass, or take away his power. That’s why an overwhelming Democratic victory is so necessary to keep this country going in the right direction. I believe that the best way to get Washington to work again is to give these Republicans the ass whipping they so truly deserve. Perhaps after this happens, they will learn to play nicely, and Congress can partner with the President and stop all of this foolishness. The foregoing is one man’s opinion. But damn it, I am right!
Righteous rant, bro.


  1. I was playing trivia last night and after the game was quaffing my victory pint when the guy next to me looked over at the farsee device and said, "Oh, shit, it's the second worst president ever, Jimmy Carter!" (a sligh paraphrase) and then went on to say that Obama was the worst.

    I told him we could argue that point all night. He assumed that I meant Carter was the worst. I corrected him, telling him that Bush the junger was the worst president this country's ever seen. I told him to have a nice cruise (he's leaving to go on vacation this week) and left the bar--before I said something that would be hard to apologize for, later.

    What afflicts conservatives, so called, these days is far worse than simple denialism or hypocrisy; it's some mix of mass delusion and unreasoning fear. If they were few in number I could only pity them. Since they are a sizable minority of the electorate I can only earnestly hope for their defeat in November.