Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Four-time bankruptcy-filer and racist hack Donald Trump released a video today – and no, I won’t link to it; you’ll have to get you’re winger-porn elsewhere – but watching the first few seconds of it (right up to the point where nausea set in), I knew I’d seen it somewhere before:

That’s right. The man with the Worst Hair In America has become a cheap imitation of Lorne Michaels, circa 1975. Except that Lorne Michaels, even at his worst moment (cough, coughElvis Costellocough, cough), has always been smarter and better informed than that walking punch-line.
On a side note, before you say I’m shallow for attacking Trump’s combover, understand this: As an alumnus of the University of Illinois and a long suffering Illini fan, it’s kind of personal. Many years before the combover hairstyle was known as That Thing On Donald Trump’s Head it was known as The Lou Do, after legendary Illinois basketball coach Lou Henson:

 And Lou Henson is more of a man than Donald Trump could ever hope to be. Henson is one of the few college basketball coaches in history to take two separate programs to the NCAA Final Four – New Mexico State in 1970 and Illinois in 1989 – but long before he reached national prominence he proved to be a man of towering character:
Henson didn’t shy away from recruiting black players, even before the Civil Rights movement reached college basketball. As a high school coach in Las Cruces, N.M., Henson wouldn’t accept an offer from Hardin-Simmons [University, in Abilene, Texas,] unless the college would integrate the team and therefore the school, he said.
That was forward thinking in Texas, circa 1962.
“The only way I’d come is if they integrated,’’ Henson said. “They had no blacks on the team or in the school. It’s the fair thing to do.
“When we first recruited black kids, we couldn’t even feed them in restaurants. We had to go to drive-ins and take lunches. That’s in Texas. It was much worse down in the South.’’
When Henson became head coach at New Mexico State, he recruited the South when the Southeastern Conference was slow to break the color barrier. Henson recruited center Sam Lacey from Indianola, Miss., and Lacey was eventually a first-round NBA pick after reaching the Final Four as a New Mexico State senior.
Compare that to a guy who can’t believe an African American like Barack Obama could have earned an Ivy League education and still – yes, still – questions the validity of the President’s birth certificate. (You’ll have to find today’s video on your own, but yes, in the first few seconds of it you can glean that much.)
Donald Trump: A producer of amateurish political hit-videos and a man who’s unfit to wear the Lou Do.


  1. Lorne Michaels also had better hair. That is the best (or worst) picture I've ever seen of the "Donald". There's low class and no class, which would definitely describe DT!