Thursday, November 1, 2012

From the Lolwut? Files: Romnesia Edition

1.            lolwut
Meaning “What?”, but usually said to mean comedic indifference to whatever was said. Also, if you don’t care what was being said. Useful if you are in a place you shouldn't be.
Prounounced as “lawl wut”, with no pause between words.
Person 1: Get out before I call the police
Person 2: lolwut?
2.            lolwut
Meaning: “What?” in a more comedic way.
The term could be used in several different ways.
Such as when you don’t understand something or when somebody says something extremely random.
Person 1: I had a seizure yesterday.
Person 2: lolwut?
On a day when two frequent critics of Pres. Obama – current New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former New York City Mayor Ed Koch – set aside their differences with the president and endorsed him for reelection, our local NPR affiliate, WBEZ, ran this story:
[53-year-old Bridget] Kerans has been one of three undecided voters WBEZ has been following over the past few weeks, to document how they make their final decision about whom to vote for in the 2012 presidential race.
To recap: Kerans was the die-hard Hillary Clinton supporter from 2008 Democratic Parimary, who never got on board with President Barack Obama.
In 2012, she has been pretty gung-ho about Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul, a Libertarian icon. She recently emailed me a handmade poster she’d taped to her house, featuring a cartoon Paul dressed in a Superman outfit.

But during the recent presidential debates on TV, Kerans says she saw something in Republican Mitt Romney – something she hadn’t noticed before.

“I’m looking at the face, I’m looking at the eyes. I honest-to-God swear I can see him thinking,” she said as we met over coffee earlier this week. “The gears are going, you know? … And he really – the last time, he made me feel proud.”

Kearns says she was drawn in by Romney’s “Five Point Plan” to right the economy, which his campaign says would cut back on taxes, regulation and government spending.
Kerans says she’s counting on Romney’s business experience to help create jobs. And she’s also hoping he’ll make the GOP more moderate.
So, a fifty-three year old woman, a “die hard Hillary Clinton supporter” who “still remembers what it felt like to get laid off when her long-time job was outsourced a few years ago,” went from undecided to voting for Mitt Romney. Because he made her proud, or something.
Uh, yeah.
By the way, I have no problem with the Hillary love. Even as I cast my vote for Barack Obama in the 2008 Illinois primary, I assumed Hillary Clinton would be the party’s nominee and I planned to support her candidacy enthusiastically. If she’s the party nominee in 2016: Ditto.
Still, I’m having ha hard time seeing how Ms. Kerans could go from Hillary to undecided to Mittens supporter in a mere four years. Seriously – Mitt? Does she think he’ll know how to help people like her who’ve lost their jobs due to outsourcing? Maybe she should ask the soon-to-be former employees of Sensata Technologies what they think.
And did I mention she’s a she? As in, a  woman?
A woman who supported Hillary Clinton?!
And she thinks a Mitt Romney administration won’t erode women’s rights?
But the kicker is this:
“[S]he’s also hoping he’ll make the GOP more moderate.”
Hey, lady, as a famous guy named Tom Petty once said: You believe what you wanna believe …

This song, of course, has nothing whatsoever to with the topic, but I always think of it when somebody says something that utterly defies logic. Hey, man. You believe what you wanna believe. Whatev.
But seriously, Ms. Kerans. Maybe you should’ve stayed undecided.


  1. Gee, what do HRC and Romney have in common that Obama doesn't? Let's think. -think think think-

    1. Yes, that thought occurred to me too. I didn’t listen to the whole series, so I can’t say for sure … but it’s not an unreasonable question to ask!

  2. I heard that as I was waking up this morning and it startled me. Gotta wonder what kind of Hillary supporter she was....

    1. Yeah. See the above exchange. Makes me wonder.

  3. Sounds like a liar, to me. Anyone that actually thought about voting for Hilary for any reason other than her being a white woman cannot possibly be a Romney fan. He's done nothing in his private or public life that would indicate that he gives a flying fuck about anyone outside of his own family and circle of co-religionists and corporatists.