Friday, November 16, 2012

Your Friday Clash Song: Better Get Working On The Ford Line …

Apropos of nothing (for a change), “Drug-Stabbing Time,” from Give ’Em Enough Rope (1978), the band’s “sophomore effort” as the music critic cliché goes.
As everybody knows, bands’ “sophomore efforts” are supposed to be disappointing – because music critics say so – but I happen to like Give ’Em Enough Rope. It’s probably not as good as their debut album, but, really, nothing is. And if Give ’Em Enough Rope had been the Clash’s debut, no doubt the same critics who always slag on bands’ second LPs would’ve fawned all over it.
Because it’s pretty awesome.
In any event, here’s a rather (ahem) enthusiastic write up of “Drug-Stabbing Time.” I can’t say I disagree with the assessment. I can say, though, that if I ever make a movie I’m going to make sure “Drug-Stabbing Time” is in the soundtrack, no matter what it’s (the movie’s) about. Because of this guy.
What’s that you say? You say you want a live version, too? Recorded in Cleveland in 1979? Yes. Yes, we can:

So there you go. Your Friday Clash Song:
Better get working on the Ford line
And paying off the big fine
Drug-stabbing time …
You know what to do …
Turn. It. Up.

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