Friday, November 2, 2012

Your Friday Clash Song: Friday Or Saturday, What Does That Mean?

Since it’s been awhile, I was going to delve into Give ’Em Enough Rope (1979) for today’s selection … but then I stumbled across this gem: “48 Hours” from the original UK version of The Clash (1977). It’s the perfect weekend song:
Friday or Saturday, what does that mean

Short space of time, it needs a heavy scene
Monday is coming like a jail on wheels …
This video is great, too, because it shows them on tour pretty early in their career. Those whacky kids.
And speaking of the Clash on tour, here’s a live version of “48 Hours” recorded in September 1976 (when I was a freshman in high school – yikes!):

According to The Clash Wiki, “48 Hours” is “the shortest song in The Clash repertoire,” though not by much. At 1:36, it’s only about 18 seconds shorter than “Career Opportunities,” which appears on both the UK and the US editions of The Clash.
In any event, “48 Hours” clearly debunks the old adage that when it comes to good, fast, and cheap, you can only ever have two of the three. ’Cuz, you know, it’s all three.
“Monday is coming like a jail on wheels.” Yeah, it is.
So, what’re you gonna do? Turn. It. Up.
Yeah, that’s right. Happy Friday, everybody.

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