Friday, December 14, 2012

No Words

Normally I post a Clash song on Fridays. It’s my way of raising my middle finger to the workweek, I guess. Thirty-odd years after I heard that first LP and thought what fresh hell is this, I still love the hell out of that band. There’s almost never a time when I don’t feel like dropping the needle and turning the dial all the way up.
I had a Clash song queued up for today. It was topical. Maybe I’ll post a special Saturday edition of Your Friday Clash Song so we can get back on track; but today … today, I’ve got nothin’.
So, about this song: Steve Earle’s “Nothing But A Child,” from the Copperhead Road LP (1988). I’m not a religious person. I haven’t been for a long time. But I first heard this song in late November or early December 2001, a few months after 9/11 and just a few weeks after the birth of our daughter, Claire, and, you know, the song just hit me a certain way. If there’s anything I ever got out of Catholicism, the religion of my tribe, it’s that even when the worst imaginable things happen, there are possibilities for redemption and renewal. And that isn’t necessarily a religious thing; you don’t have to be a religious person to believe that there are reasons for hope amid despair.
My daughter would have been the light of my life no matter what was going on in the world at the time – all my kids are the light of my life – but coming along in the dark months after 9/11, her birth really was the kind of renewing event this song talks about. Again, not religiously, but, to me, in a personal sense. It gave me hope. She gave me hope.
But what do you say when these wellsprings of hope are gunned down in cold-blood. A dozen and a half of them. What renews you then. How will their parents ever get past what happened today.
Yeah, no question marks. It’s not some quirky writing style. It’s because questions presuppose there are answers. And today, I got nothin’.


  1. Dave:

    I got rage. I got rage against the NRA and their toadies. I got rage against the idiots who prate on and on about their sacred 2nd and the RIGHT that shall not be abridged. I got rage against a congress and dozens of state legislatures are too cowardly, too greedy for the lobbying dollars, too wedded to the idea that being elected is more important than doing their fucking JOB--to provide for the common good. I got rage for people who lie and say that gunz will make you safer. What I don't got is a magic wand, beans, potion or anything else that will right a wrong, raise the dead, unmake a horrible crime against society.

    The truth is that I don't WANT anything magical. I want people to take an interest in the conduct of their government and take responsibility for their actions and the actions of those people that they help to elect.

    I don't want the impossible. I want the possible, and I want it now.

    I'm an atheist but if I believed in GOD, I would beg a curse from him, upon the heads of the NRA, to afflict them with the fear, pain and sense of loss that their irresponsible jingoism has brought into a Connecticut classroom.

    Wayne LaPierre is likely to be sitting at a posh dinner table tonight, having some nice food and wine, maybe smoking a good cigar. I hope that reprehensible piece of shit is fully aware at some point in his life, and has time to ponder it fully before he dies, that everything he has is purchased with the blood of the innocents.

    The obscenity that is the murder of 20 young children and six adults in a Connecticut school is not, as so many gunzloonz like to say about the increasingly frequent mass shootings in this country, statistically insignificant. It is truly an abomination, one made possible by the propagandizing of the NRA, a whore to the firearms industry and a congress that for far too long has ignored the problem inherent in having no coherent federal firearms policies.

    The cowards who demonize those of us who call for safe and sane use of firearms, including regulating them, will, I am quite sure, not be out bragging about boxing the ears of the anti's tonight. No, they'll skulk at their keyboards for a day or two until Weenie LaPutrid gives them some fresh red meat and then continue on the road to Armageddon.

    If I had prayers for the innocent I would offer them. But all I've got is the rage.

  2. I get what you mean in your last paragraph. The only word I can muster in my brain, the only word I've heard in my thoughts for the last few hours is: