Thursday, January 10, 2013

Radio Free Dave

So, admittedly, my plan for World Media Domination is proceeding slowly. But it’s proceeding just the same.
It all began Monday, when Lin Brehmer of WXRT in Chicago chose my question – Lin, why do I hate Notre Dame with the heat of a thousand suns? – for his “Lin’s Bin” segment on the radio. Brehmer’s something of a local legend around these parts, and he’s no ordinary rock ’n roll deejay. Unless your rock ’n roll deejay greets the average Wednesday quoting T.S. Eliot (it’s “this brief transit where the dreams cross,” of course). So it was more than a little awesome to get a mention on his morning radio show … even if he may not have shared my disdain for the Irish.
Undaunted, I set out to defend my position vis-à-vis the Fighting Irish here, and I feel only slightly remorseful for having stated the case as forcefully as I did on the very day Alabama dismantled Notre Dame in the BCS National Championship Game. It’s a good thing I don’t believe in karma, or I might question whether it had a hand in Illinois’ 84-67 home loss to Minnesota in men’s basketball last night. As the immortal (yet, strangely, dead) Harry Caray used to say: You live by the sword, you die by the sword.
But I digress.
The point is, Phase Two of my plan for World Media Domination was implemented today – without my even knowing it. Turns out, while I was in court in the hinterlands, the estimable David Waldman (@KagroX on Twitter), host of the Kagro In The Morning program on Daily Kos Radio, was kind enough to mention me on this morning’s show. Specifically, Waldman cited the post I wrote yesterday about an NRA official threatening to sue the Tucson, Arizona police department to prevent it from destroying firearms turned in on Tuesday in a buyback program launched, in part, to commemorate the shooting rampage that killed six and wounded thirteen, including former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, two years ago.
Which reminds me: In case I haven’t mentioned it lately, you should totally listen to the Kagro In The Morning program with David Waldman, like, every day.
No, seriously. Listen in; it’s good stuff.
But it just goes to show you how this new-fangled internet works. NRA official makes a bizarre legal argument on NPR. NPR posts the story on its website. People hear/read the story, are outraged. Intrepid lawyer Googles “Arizona Revised Statutes,” finds the official website of the Arizona State Legislature where the self-same Revised Statutes are catalogued, virtually speaking. Intrepid lawyer reads the code sections the NRA official referred to on NPR. Lo and behold, the NRA official is, shockingly, completely off base. Intrepid lawyer blogs. Intrepid lawyer tweets a link to his blog post. Esteemed internet radio host sees link, discusses it on his outstanding radio program.
Boom. Nailed it.
I mean, I don’t want to brag or anything, but I pretty much took down Notre Dame football and the NRA in the course of a single week.
Call me, Rachel. We’ll talk.

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