Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Huge Step Forward

From WBEZ in Chicago:
Illinois moved closer Thursday to becoming the 10th state in the nation where same-sex couples can legally wed, after the [state] Senate voted to lift a ban on gay marriage.
Senators voted 34-21 to approve the measure, sending it on to the state House where Democrats also hold a majority. Gov. Pat Quinn, a Chicago Democrat, has said he will sign the bill if the House approves it.
The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Heather Steans, D-Chicago, called it “a vote for the history books.”
“We have the opportunity today to welcome all families in Illinois as equally valued,” she said.
As for the lower chamber of the Illinois General Assembly:
Rep. Greg Harris, D-Chicago, said he “the prospects are very good” in the House, where he’s the bill sponsor.
Harris said he hasn’t spoken with House leadership about when a vote may occur in the House, but he said he hopes it will be soon. He wouldn’t comment on how the roll call looks so far.
Polls show voters’ feelings shifting rapidly in favor of gay rights. President Barack Obama said last year he supports same-sex marriage, and in November voters in four states either approved or voted down bans on gay marriage.
“I think it’s a safer vote to vote with us than to vote against us at this point,” [Lamda Legal’s regional director Jim] Bennett said.
More from Freedom To Marry, here.
As America becomes more America-ish, Illinois becomes more America-ish.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

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