Monday, February 25, 2013

Blogging News!

I am very pleased to announce that Imani Gandy has asked me to contribute to Angry Black Lady Chronicles, one of my favorite blogs. It’s good to be part of a genuine Kenyan Marxist Fascist Socialist Cabal, and if I can contribute something to the cause … or, just, you know, be my usual cranky, er, charming self … hey, I’m always glad to help.
Imani and I have been Twitter pals for some time now, and I have huge respect for her not only because she’s hilarious and smart and really good at that blogging thing, but because she’s a lawyer, too, only she figured out how to get out of the law biz and be an actual productive member of society. And any lawyer who figures out how to get out of the Stony Lonesome practice of law is a hero to me.
I will continue to post here on a regular basis. Much of what I post here I will cross-post at ABLC, but in the event I post something exclusively there, I’ll link to it here. Because I’m all about vigorous cross-promotion.
In any event, here’s my introductory post at ABLC, for those who might not be familiar with this blog.
So please do me a favor and check here and there on a regular basis for all sorts of bloggy goodness. You may not agree with everything you read over there – I doubt you agree with everything you read here – but they’re a smart, provocative bunch who will get you thinking.

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  1. Dave:

    Congrats! Glad to hear that you're going to continue posting at both blogs.

    Have you looked at the current GOP bullshit meme about their voting against the VAWA bill because it would be unfair to those who are NOT native americans.

    I think Chuckles Grassley is the latest asshat to spew from his piehole on the subject.