Thursday, February 14, 2013

It’s Your Rock ’n Roll Valentine’s Day Soundtrack, Of Course

In honor of my home state taking a major step towards marriage equality today, I give you Your Unofficial Valentine’s Day Playlist.
At the top of the post: “Heart” by Rockpile, from the album with the greatest title ever: Seconds Of Pleasure. If that’s not the official theme song of Valentine’s Day, I don’t know what is. Why, yes, that is Dave Edmunds on lead guitar and Nick Lowe, a/k/a The Jesus Of Cool, on bass. Not to mention the Billy Bremner with one of the best late ’70s/early ’80s vocals you’ll ever hear. Power pop at its finest. Why Rockpile didn’t own the world in the 1980s is beyond me.
Speaking of the ’80s, how’s about a little U2:

Remember when everybody played at Red Rocks? Yeah, well U2 did a pretty fantastic version of “Two Hearts Beat As One” there in 1983. I only wish Bono would’ve kept his shirt on. Anyways, all you haters can bite me; I make no apologies for liking this band.
Staying with the ’80s theme here, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the Psychedelic Furs. “Heartbreak Beat,” of course:

Remember when the Furs were considered “punk”? Yeah, well, they made some decent pop records, anyway.
Hey, what about The Mighty Lemon Drops? “Into The Heart Of Love” from their 1989 LP, Laughter:

Or, if you’d prefer a little more twang, there is, of course, Steve Miller Band’s “Heart Like A Wheel”:

And if that’s not enough twang for you, how about the most underrated band of the 1990s? The Mavericks, “There Goes My Heart”:

As an aside, one of the greatest mistakes in the history of pop music was the decision to pigeonhole the Mavericks as strictly a country act. This song, like a lot of their early work, is pretty damn country; but even the Rolling Stones made a country record or two in their day. The Mavericks were so much more than that. The good news is, the Maverick’s are finally putting out a new record after about a decade of not making music together. So we got that goin’ for us.
Finally, no dystopian Valentine’s Day would be complete without Bobby Bare, Jr.’s “Valentine”:

Don’t try this at home, kids. I’m a professional.

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  1. Thanks for the Mavericks tip. I never got into them. Digging them right now, and kicking myself for not getting to them sooner. Really great.