Friday, March 8, 2013

My Teams Are Cooler Than Your Teams

From the Chicago Sun-Times’ Northwest Indiana outlet, the Post-Tribune:
Chicago sports legends Ernie Banks and Richard Dent are among a group of professional athletes who have signed their names to a letter urging the Illinois General Assembly to make gay marriage legal in the state.
“In Illinois today, gay and lesbian couples who are in lifetime committed relationships do not have the freedom to marry,” the athletes write in “An Open Letter from Athletes on Marriage Equality.”
“This violates our sense of fairness and respect. It also goes against the golden rule of treating others as you would like to be treated yourself. In sports, any time a player is not treated with fairness and respect, the game is diminished. Similarly, treating any group of people as second-class citizens hurts us all, because discrimination is wrong no matter whom the target is.”
Mr. Cub, ladies and gentlemen. And Your Super Bowl XX MVP, Richard “The Sackman” Dent. You can have your 104 years of World Series titles; I’ll always love my Cubs. And Richard Dent? Holy crap:

And one other thing. Can we dispense with the hackneyed notion that African Americans are hostile to gay rights? There are jackasses everywhere, of course, but the notion that being Black makes you predisposed to homophobia is, well … racist. Duh.
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