Friday, March 1, 2013

Your Friday Clash Song: A Lot Of People Won’t Get No Supper Tonight …

A great version of “Armagideon Time” off of Live: From Here to Eternity (1999). The original studio version was on the Black Market Clash EP, which was released in 1980 and then re-released as the full-length LP Super Black Market Clash in 1983 with additional material, but, inexplicably, without “Armagideon Time,” which is a damn shame. I guess they couldn’t pack that much awesome into one record.
In any event, “Armagideon Time” seems to be totally appropriate for Sequestrageddon (h/t to @DAbitty for that):
A lot of people won’t get no justice tonight

The battle

Is getting harder

In this iration

Armagideon time
Let’s review what will happen if Congress does nothing today:
Federal spending is scheduled to reach historic lows thanks to the Budget Control Act, which placed caps on spending as part of the deal to raise the debt ceiling in the summer of 2011. Non-defense spending is already 14 percent lower than it has been at any time in the last half-century, and it could go even lower if the so-called “sequester,” a series of automatic budget cuts that will begin to take effect at the beginning of March, is allowed to occur.
The drop in domestic spending has already devastated many programs on which Americans depend. But on March 1, those cuts will get even deeper when the first $85 billion of sequester cuts take effect.
That will have a substantial impact on food safety, education, law enforcement, and safety net programs, according to estimates from Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee. And if the sequester is left in place for the full year, it will cut $1.5 trillion and those effects will only get worse …
On the other hand, Paul Krugman, who just recently warned that the impact of sequestration would be so severe that Congress should “avoid that damage by kicking the can down the road,” now says the Republican plan is so bad by comparison, “it’s hard to see why Democrats should negotiate at all, as opposed to just letting the sequester happen.”
In the words of my Jewish ancestors: Oy.
Well, at least Krugman’s not adopting Howard Dean’s “screw the poor, defense cuts are more important than food” approach … although the results might be the same.
In any event, if we’re screwed no matter what happens, we might as well enjoy a decent soundtrack while we go down with the ship. And because I’m widely known for my magnanimity, here’s the original version of “Armagideon Time” by Willi Williams:

By the way, according to the Urban Dictionary, “iration” is “[t]he rasta way of using the word creation. The letter i is used to refer to god, and all people.” The more you know, people. The more you know.
So there you have it. Your Friday Clash Song. Music to eat catfood by.
You know what to do.
Turn. It. Up.
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