Friday, March 15, 2013

Your Friday Clash Song: Póg Mo Thóin! Edition

Holy hell. It’s Joe Strummer and the Pogues doing “Straight To Hell,” originally from the Clash’s 1982 LP, Combat Rock. Not the highest quality recording, but still. Holy hell. Joe Strummer and the Pogues. Can the Time-Space Continuum withstand that much Awesome?
Perhaps, but only for a short while.
In any event, you’ll forgive me for departing from the strict parameters of this weekly feature, but Sunday is the unofficial drunken holiday of my tribe. So I believe a little poetic license is in order.
Here’s Joe and the Pogues doing “I Fought The Law,” written by Sonny Curtis, popularized by the Bobby Fuller Four, and featured on the U.S. version of The Clash (1979):

But wait. There’s more. “London Calling,” of course, from the album of the same name:

Then, apropos of nothing but sheer fucking awesomeness, here’s the Pogues with Joe Sturmmer, Kristy MacColl, and … wait for it … the Specials, doing “A Message To You Rudy,” from the Specials’ self-titled 1979 debut album:

Because the Irish can hang with anybody, that’s why.
Finally, here’s Joe on what, to me, will always be the true Irish National Anthem: “If I Should Fall From Grace With God”:
If I’m buried ’neath the sod, but the angels won’t receive me …
You’re welcome, America.
 Now … Turn. It. Up.
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