Tuesday, May 21, 2013

From Elon James White and TWiB!: The #10FriskCommandments Remix

If you ever doubted Joe Strummer’s observation that “hip-hop … picked up where punk left off and ran full steam ahead,” the good folks at This Week In Blackness just released this remix of Jasiri X’s “Ten Frisk Commandments” which illustrates the point nicely.
Brooklyn, NY–In an effort to speak out against the continued harassment policy of people of color  by police officers known in New York City as Stop and Frisk, Elon James White, Editor-in-chief at This Week in Blackness (TWiB!) has produced a new video project called the #10FriskCommandments Remix. Featuring Pittsburgh-based rapper Jasiri X and Florida-based artist and producer Willie Evans Jr., the track was released digitally and an open call for submissions was placed asking people to lend their virtual voices in speaking against Stop And Frisk.
The video features New York Times bestselling author Baratunde Thurston, New York Councilman Juamaane Williams, Daily Show Creator Lizz Winstead, New York State Senator Kevin Parker, and many more, all rapping the personal words of the artists featured on the song speaking of contentious interactions with police officers and personal dealings as people of color.
The video also features The Angry Black Lady herself, Imani Gandy, along with other TWiB favorites like Elon, Aaron Rand Freeman, L. Joy Williams, Emily Epstein White, and Dacia Mitchell.
I look at the 10 Frisk Commandments Remix as true hip hop with a message.” said Elon James White. “This isn’t some wack song that tells everyone to sing kumbaya. This is a hard-hitting track with amazing production by Willie Evans Jr. and real-life perspectives that have been lacking in mainstream hip hop.”
Speak out against Stop & Frisk: check out Color Of Change and their petition to end Stop and Frisk: http://twib.me/stopfriskingmebro
Oh, and also? You could download the song from that iTunes thing the kids are always on about.

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