Friday, July 12, 2013

Your Friday Clash Song: Summon Up The Mas!

No, it’s not that “Let’s Go Crazy”; it’s a calypso-inspired jam from what might be the most eclectic album ever released.
The voice-over at the beginning and the end of the song refers to the riots that erupted at the end of the 1976 Notting Hill Carnival in London. The notes to this brief YouTube documentary explain:
The final hours of the 1976 Notting Hill Carnival in London, England, erupted in a violent and overdue settling of accounts between a racially biased and repressive British police force and young West Indian youth. The sound and fury and chaos of that clash was captured on vinyl in December 1980 by the only band that mattered.
Well, the subject matter may be depressing, but the song is fantastic. So …
Turn. It. Up.

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